Week 24 on Nutrisystem #NSNation Blogger Program

Summer has finally started to emerge here and I must say that working out upstairs in a room without air conditioning is quite dreadful. However, you do sweat more than usual, so I guess that is a plus.

This week, I am going to talk more about the Nutrisystem food, in particular what my favorite and least favorite meal currently is.

Favorite this week: I must say, the chicken and pasta in caccitore sauce is heavenly, but I am somewhat partial to tomatoes. It has a great flavor and the right amount of meat, noodles and sauce. I could probably eat 2 in one sitting it’s that good.

This combination of tender chicken, onions, tomatoes, black olives and spices is sure to tempt your taste buds. We’ve added jalapeño peppers for extra flavor.”

Not So Great: The caramel sundae. To me it has this artificial sweetener after taste and the texture is a bit off for ice cream. You can totally tell you’re eating something “diety” with this one, and the taste to me is wayyy too sweet. It looks like they may have gotten rid of this one since I no longer see it as a menu option, which is probably a good thing.
Can’t wait to place a new order to see if I can try some new menu items I spotted, like chocolate cheesecake. OMG CHEESECAKE! I hope it tastes as good as the real thing.

Starting Weight: 5’11” @ 230.8
Current Weight: 196 lbs
Week 1: -6.4lbs
Week 2: -1.8lbs 
Week 3: -1.4lbs 
Week 4: -1.6lbs 
Week 5: -1.4lbs 
Week 6: -1.6lbs
Week 7: -1.2lbs
Week 8: -1.2lbs
Week 9: -.7lbs
Week 10: -2.5lbs
Week 11: -.2lbs
Week 12: -3.2lbs
Week 13: +.6lbs
Week 14: -1.6lbs
Week 15: -3.2lbs
Week 16:  – .8lbs
Week 17:  +1.4lbs
Week 18:  – 3.6lbs
Week 19:  – 2.6lbs
Week 20:  + 1.7lbs
Week 21: + 1.3lbs
Week 22: – 2lbs
Week 23: – .4lbs
Week 24: – 1.6lbs
Total Loss: 34.8 lbs

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced in any way

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