Nutrisystem #NSNation: Week 1

Nutrisystem #NSNation: Week 1

I have made it through my first week of Nutrisystem and I must say it was rather tough the first 3 days!! I was getting monsterous headaches from adjusting to smaller portioned meals, but so far they have seemed to calm down. It may have partly been due to the fact I was also stressing out this week about school, since it’s pretty much full time work. Either way, I am good!

The first day of eating Nutrisystem, I noticed a huge jump on the scale that resulted in me panicking, trying to search Google or the Nutrisystem forum for an answer in why I gained 4 lbs. I learned that it was pretty much impossible unless I somehow managed to get 16,000 calories down my throat, which was not true since I had ate only 1159 calories for the day. So if you see a significant jump on the scale when you’re trying to lose weight, just know that it’s water weight, and glycogen and you’ll be absolutely fine.

I must say though, that the Nutrisystem meals do not look anything like the photos on the box, but then again, do fast food commercials look anything like what you ordered? Nope. I was willing to tough it out and get through it regardless of what it looked like, but figured I should share that for those who are wanting to get on Nutrisystem like myself.

I was also surprised with how small the portions were, which made me realize how much I was over eating to achieve the feeling of being completely full, sometimes stuffed. They ARE the right portions to control ones weight, which is why I have lost 6.4 pounds this week and I didn’t even do any exercise program. I do however, need to remind myself to add stuff to the meals, so that I am not feeling hungry throughout the day, like for instance, you can have unlimited vegetables, so I made myself a raw spinach salad with grilled zucchinis, tomatoes, green peppers and onions and added a little bit of lemon juice and dill-weed to give it some flavor. I just have to continue to do this and all should be fine.

Overall, I think this week was great, and I hope I continue to see great weeks ahead of me.

Current picture
My Favorite Nutrisystem Meal: Lasagna in Meat Sauce.
My Least Favorite Nutrisystem Meal: Mac and Cheese with Beef.
Starting Weight: 5’11” @ 230.8 (hate admitting to that)
Current Weight: 224.4
Total Loss: 6.4 lbs

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I have teamed up with some of my fellow bloggers to cheer them on and support them in the #NSNation journey. Please check them out in the list below. We could all use your support!

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  1. I am glad your headaches have eased off. And thanks for the tip about the water weight. I would be freaking out tomorrow. This is my first day on Nutrisystem. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

  2. Well, I hope you don’t experience what I experienced, because it was not fun. Then again, everyone is affected differently.

    Hope you have a great first week!

  3. Tammileetips
    / 11:19 AM

    Congratulations on a great first week!Tammilee

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