Breath Right With FEND

Breath Right With FEND

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I am sure we have all experienced breathing issues at one point or another, whether we’re sick or just from everyday contaminants that we’re constantly inhaling. My nostrils aren’t the widest so I sometimes have to use breathing strips at night to open up my airways to get a decent amount of air so that I am not mouth breathing while I sleep. Or I have to constantly blow my nose to get rid of the dreaded boogers during the day. With FEND, I don’t really have to do that anymore as it provides enough moisture to keep my nose clear.


What is FEND

Backed by science, FEND is a new hygiene protocol that cleanses and hydrates the upper respiratory airways to strengthen the body’s natural ability to help keep the lungs cleaner and healthier. FEND uses a proprietary calcium-enriched saline solution delivered in perfectly sized particles that exit the device in a mist that is inhaled through your nose. When inhaled deeply, it hydrates your upper airways capture and eliminate airborne contaminants before they reach your lungs. In addition, FEND helps reduce the number of airborne contaminants you exhale back into the air.

How is FEND different than the typical nasal spray?

The FEND Mister is not a nasal spray. In fact, it’s not inserted into your nose at all.

Unlike nasal sprays, the FEND System is designed to generate a gentle, safe mist that is inhaled into the upper airways vs. inserted and sprayed into the nose.

Similar to how a humidifier works by creating a mist from water, the mist is created from the proprietary calcium-enriched saline solution. And unlike most nasal sprays, it is drug-free.

The reason we use the FEND Mister device is because the mist particles derived from the solution are smaller than what a nasal spray bottle creates. This enables the solution to stick to the mucus lining in your nose, trachea and main bronchi, which are just at the top of our upper airways. Typically, when we breathe, talk, or cough, the airflow is so strong that it breaks the mucus into little droplets, like wind makes sea mist (at the beach). FEND prevents this break up from happening. FEND rejuvenates the mucosal lining to help it capture and eliminate airborne particles.

The Facts:

• The cleansing and hydrating benefits last up to six hours.
FEND is safe, natural, and drug free.
It is clinically and scientifically proven and doctor recommended.
FEND device and lanyard retails for $33.98

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