What Do You Feed a Picky Baby/Toddler?



If you figure it out, let me know…

No really. My 2-year-old daughter is a dairy lovin’, carb stuffin’, peanut butter and fruit crammin’ machine. Oh, and of course a chocolate fiend. Those food groups are pretty much what I can get her to eat right now, IF that.

When I can, I try to sneak the veggies (which she instantly finds on her plate) into a smoothie; that way she never knows and she gets the nutrients and vitamins she needs to power through her day.

The one thing I can get her to eat without a fuss, though, is HappyBaby Baby’s First Whole Milk Yogurt. She loves it because it tastes good. I love it because it has no added sweeteners, contains vitamin d, probiotics, protein, vitamins and is USDA Certified Organic. It’s the perfect food for 6 months and on up!

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Safe DIY Moon Dough for a Toddler Fun Activity

Winter weather calls for new and fun activities since we can’t always get outside when we want to like in the summertime. And we haven’t exactly gotten any snow this year, besides the 1/2 an inch on Christmas Eve that quickly disappeared; and the rain isn’t exactly fun to play in either when you’re not covered in rain gear, so I needed something entertaining that was different and unique to her like moon dough!

I had made my daughter a rice sensory bin a while back but knew she was getting bored with it. She needed something else to keep her mind and hands stimulated, so I decided to try moon dough since she loves play dough.

What’s moon dough you ask?

It’s similar to play dough, only it’s silky in texture and doesn’t dry out like play dough, which is why I like it. (Some people call it cloud dough, cloud sand or even moon sand.)

You also only need 2 ingredients as well, which is another reason why I love it.

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7 Must-Have Essentials for Toddler Sick Days!



I feel like I am actually prepared for the winter flu and cold season and finally figured out a way to keep it to a minimum.

My daughter doesn’t get sick too often because she’s not in a daycare or preschool yet, but since her cousins are school age, they always seem to be sick, which in turn gets Arya sick about 70% of the time we come into contact.

She actually just caught the flu bug a few days ago from the cousins, so I’ve been dealing with trying to keep the sickness at bay. Luckily, I was already prepared since I stocked up on Kleenex essentials at Walmart.com.

The ordering process was simple, just head on over to Walmart, add the kleenex to your cart and select in-store pickup or 2-day shipping to home.

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Now, this isn’t an I know all things about potty training post because I am still in the process of trying to get my 2.5-year-old potty trained. She’s the size of a 4-year-old and I know the looks I get in public places when they see her in a diaper still are because she’s not wearing underwear. Little do they know, she’s big for her age. But that’s beside the point.

For about a couple months now, my daughter has been letting me know she’s pooped and/or peed and wants to be changed. She actually started sitting on the potty around the age of 2 and did pee in it once, but she hasn’t since. It could be because I kind of squealed and sat her down on her potty and maybe that frightened her, I dunno? Our real toilet is also very loud when flushed; It sounds like a jet engine, no joke.

But, How do you Make Potty Training Fun?

First, go pick up some Huggies Pull-Ups Plus from Costco.

You can save $7.00 on them right now through October 22. (if you’re still using diapers, you can save $8.50 on Huggies Plus Diapers too). I picked up the Pull-Ups Plus since they’re kind of like underwear and are easier for toddlers to slide on and off by themselves, especially if we’re not potty trained by the time our flight comes the 24th of this month. Those plane bathrooms are small enough without having to put a big toddler on the changing table, which I might add was too small when she was 7 months.

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This last week, my 16 month old daughter has been going through an “I don’t want to eat that, even though I’ve ate it before” stage. I am unsure if it’s just a picky phase, or if it has to do with her teething. She still only has the top 4 and bottom 4 teeth in currently, and I think she’s been dealing with molar pain since she’ll smack her ear when any sort of teething is about to occur. I have heard they start appearing anywhere from 14 months on up, so it’s probably about that time for us. DOH!

She did spike a fever at one point. AND I know Dr’s say it’s a coincidence, but from our experience, it seems to go hand-in-hand with teething. So my guess is we’re dealing with molars, even though I haven’t felt the little buggers pop through yet.

How to Treat Toddler Teething Pain

I do try to relieve her pain by following the steps below.

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