Rockabye Plush Rockers: A Great 1st Birthday Gift

Rockabye Plush Rockers: A Great 1st Birthday Gift

“This post is brought to you by Rockabye Plush Rockers. All opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced in any way.”

I remember as a child having one of those wood rocking horses that hurt your bum if you sat on it for too long. But, boy oh boy were they fun! This new modern day Rockabye Plush Rockers have a little more cushion to make your wee one as comfortable as possible.

I was actually surprised at how heavy duty and durable these Rockabye rockers are. They are heavy and solid, unlike the rocking horse my mom got for my daughter last year at TJMaxx.

And how cute are my daughter and niece on the Petals the fawn and the bitsy bird rocker? I have never seen such cute rocking animals; it’s usually just your basic horse or zoo animals, but Rockabye has unique rockers for every child to love. There’s owls, dragons, unicorns, firetrucks, butterflies, trains, plains, motorcycles, pirate ships, kangaroos, turtles and so much more! They’re all adorable, it was pretty hard just choosing 2!

I love how detailed Bitsy Bird is with its cute little birdhouse backing on the seat to make it feel more like a chair for little ones who can’t really support themselves that great yet, and a crinkly pouch inside the door where itsy bitsy bird comes out.

Rockabye Rockers Play Music

All of their rockers have 4 stitched buttons on the back of the rockers heads or dashboard of the vehicles that activate original songs that teach ABC’s, 1-10, colors, shapes and more. The songs to me are a little cheesy and outdated, but my daughter really likes them when she’s rocking on the rockers. Luckily, there is a battery pack where you can disable the sound (or change the batteries) if these songs end up driving you nuts. LOL

I feel like the Rockabye plush rockers that have the backing of a seat are more for the 9 month age group since those rockers are a little smaller it seems. As you can see from the photos, my 23-month-old daughter and 17-month-old niece both fit in bitsy the bird, but I do notice when my tall toddler is on her, the birdhouse backing kind of bends to the side. It doesn’t end up staying like that and will go back to its original shape; that’s just my reasoning for the 9-month-old and up use.

I must say though, my daughter is practically the size of a 3 or 4-year-old. People are shocked when I tell them she’s not even 2 yet. Next month she will be!

The Rockabye plush rockers are made of high-quality North American maple hardwood, which is handcrafted and put together in their USA factory. Fabric skins and music boxes are sourced from China.

The rockers average 24”L x 12”W x 17”H in their shipping box, so the actual size is slightly smaller than that to fit in their box.

Rockabye rockers are built to last decades, not just years. They are sponge washable and easy to maintain.

I feel like the handles for little hands to hold onto could be a little longer, but other than that, we love our Rockabye Rockers and will get many years of use out of them by passing them down to nieces, and/or perhaps future children.

Go check them out, they’re adorable!


Dizzy Castle: A great indoor play establishment in Vancouver, WA.

Dizzy Castle: A great indoor play establishment in Vancouver, WA.

Since I had my nieces while my sister was in town, I figured taking them to Dizzy Castle would help them run off some energy.

Prices are $5 for ages 0-2, and $10 for ages 3+ which is relatively reasonable considering it’s rainy here 9 months out of the year and they stay dry.

They have tons of tubes, fast-bumpy slides and an area in the middle where you can shoot plastic balls out of air guns, which is fun for the older kids. Tots won’t be able to reach them.

They also have a little area for the 3 and under tots who can’t necessarily roam free around the other play structures. It has a door that prevents them from escaping, which is nice so you don’t have to keep chasing after them. This doesn’t prevent older kids running in there and being rowdy though. I have noticed bigger kids going in there and having no regard for the little’s. This area needs more supervision from the staff.

It would also be nice if they updated some of the ride on play toys in there since they look a little worn out. Surely, they should be able to afford something for that small area.

There’s also rooms you can reserve for birthdays or other events, but they come at a hefty price tag from what I have gathered. It may be worth it if you have a bunch of kids to accommodate, but for the few that I have in my family, we don’t even reach the 12 kids for the group pricing, so I’d essentially be overpaying.

I do like this place though since adults can climb around with their little ones without worrying about them getting stuck or scared at the top. I will be back with my little one for some much needed fun.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal: What To Expect

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal: What To Expect

All I can say is thank god I finally scheduled this appointment and got it over with. I didn’t exactly like my experience with one of the Gentle Dental’s in Vancouver, WA so that’s why I am going to share it here.

I’ve had an impacted wisdom tooth that was partially erupted for quite a few years; I just never got around to getting it out because I was pregnant, and dental work is not really safe during certain trimesters, so I opted to wait until after she was born. Only, I didn’t really do it then either since she’s now 19 months.

I never really had bad pain problems, just the occasional swelling, and soreness but nothing that over the counter ibuprofen couldn’t handle. I guess I was lucky in those regards.

So I schedule an appointment with the recommended surgeon at Gentle Dental and go to that appointment.

I have in my head that I don’t want general anesthesia, but I am also nervous about hearing or feeling anything and everything that’s going on in my mouth. He was feeding off my nervous demeanor. I told him I didn’t want anesthesia and would just go with the local Novocain for the procedure. He explained to me that I would need a coronectomy based on my x-rays since my roots were too close to the main nerve in the jaw. Essentially, if that tooth was removed, it could cause some facial paralysis. So now I am even more nervous and he tells me to just go with general anesthesia. He said it about 3 times… just go with it; you’ll feel better about the process. Then told me about the person in the next room and how he wishes he would have gone with it because his coronectomy went wrong. Hello, patient confidentiality? I’m pretty sure that’s a HIPAA violation. Then he says I’ll give you some Vicodin for the pain or whatever Jenny wants. What if I was a pill addict? I could have gotten whatever I wanted from this dentist. (I’m not BTW) That comment rubbed me the wrong way because I do have a sister who has battled addiction numerous times and for these Dr’s to make it that readily available pisses me off.

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Fotor: The Best Free Online Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Fotor: The Best Free Online Photo Editor & Collage Maker

When I am on the go with a toddler, I usually don’t have time to whip out my DSLR camera to catch those precious moments, so I end up using my handy dandy smart phone. But of course, the picture quality isn’t always the best on a smart phone, that’s why I use the online photo editing site Fotor to help bring a little magic to my occasional drab photos.

Fotor is a free online photo editing app that makes editing photos a breeze with its intuitive and easy interface without the need to register. I love that because time is everything and I don’t have the time or patience to sign up and create an account on a million different websites that I may or may not find useful or interesting. But, I have been using Fotor for well over a year and it is my go to app for photo editing.  Trust me, I HAVE tried others and they simply don’t compare. Some of them are either too complicated or don’t have the enhancing features I like that Fotor DOES.


I showed my sister a photo I took with my smartphone 4 months ago of her daughter and she was amazed at the picture quality. Little did she know, it was with the help of Fotor. The options are limitless when it comes to editing photos with Fotor. For instance, take a look at this photo I took yesterday of my daughters’ room using my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ phone.

Doesn’t look so great, right?

Fotor editing app

Now take a look at the after.

Fotor editing app

What a huge difference. This my friends is why I love Fotor.

All I did was use the fine tune feature on their website, moved shadow all the way to the right, clicked highlight and moved it to where it looked decent and then messed with the curves.


It’s as simple and as easy as that.

You can also create holiday greeting cards, a cool youtube banner and even cover photos for Facebook.

I hope you end up loving Fotor as much as I do.

Mother Nurture Products for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Moms

mother nurture enhanced water

One thing I cannot live without is chocolate. Chocolate makes the world a better place, especially during that time of the month, right ladies!? And since I am still breastfeeding, I try to eat as good as possible in order to get the most nutrients to my daughter through my breast milk. But sometimes I want to indulge in the good stuff, ya know, like these delicious, good for you chocolate truffle treats from #MotherNurture.


Mother Nurture Chocolate Truffles

  • These are a deliciously rich, creamy chocolate truffles to treat moms during pregnancy
  • Come in 2 different varieties: Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate with Raspberry
  • They provide essential nutrients like Folic Acid, DHA, Calcium and Vitamin D to support mom and baby’s health during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Kosher, and BPA-free packagingmother nurture chocolate truffleI loved the milk chocolate variety but that’s because I’m not particularly fond of the bitter taste of dark chocolate. Both were delicious though and I love the fact that they contain healthy, all natural ingredients for me and my little one.

They also have an enhanced water for those of you who don’t like the taste of plain ol’ boring water and need a little hint of flavor.

Mother Nurture Enhanced Water

  • Is a light, refreshing, all natural flavored water to treat Mom while hydrating
  • Mother Nurture Enhanced Waters offer delicious hydration in three light, refreshing flavors: pink grapefruit, mixed berry and tropical splash
  • Provides essential nutrients like Folic Aid, Calcium, Vitamin B12, and Choline to support Mom and Baby’s health during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Under 90 calories in each 16.9 ounce bottle
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Kosher, and BPA-free packaging

mother nurture enhanced water

I tried the Tropical Splash Enhanced Water and it tasted great, although a little sweet tasting for me. But I appreciate flavor enhanced water because sometimes it’s hard to get all of the water I need with plain water. Drinking plenty of water helps produce more breast milk so it’s pretty important to stay properly hydrated and these Mother Nurture Enhanced waters help with that.

I also like the fact that these work in harmony with your regular prenatal vitamins.  But please don’t substitute.

If you’re a pregnant or breastfeeding mom and would like more information on these mom treats, then head on over to Mother Nurture.