DIY Teeth Whitening at Home: A Smile Brilliant Review

I was invited by Smile Brilliant to test out their teeth whitening product in exchange for my honest opinion. Please consult your dentist before using any products on your teeth.

Have you ever seen those annoying teeth whitening commercials where the girl with the supposed yellow teeth (already has exceptionally white teeth), but is complaining about yellowness with the napkin test? Yeah, I don’t get it either. They could, you know, at least have someone on there with actual yellow teeth so that we know their product is believable; like my teeth for instance.

I haven’t whitened my teeth the entire 35 years I’ve been alive and I figured now is a great time. I don’t smoke and never have, but I have drunk coffee for the past couple of years (having a kid will do that to you), and of course, I drink fruit juices and the occasional soda but nothing too out of the ordinary.

I never had the courage to try over the counter teeth whitening products because I heard the strips don’t work very well at getting all of the crevices of your teeth, so you’re stuck with yellowness between teeth, AND, they’re also expensive! Didn’t sound like my cup of tea.

Smile Brilliant is different though.

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