Week 7 on Nutrisystem #NSNation Program – 15.6lb lost!

At the beginning of week 7, I was down to a 16.2 lb loss, but I seem to fluctuate between a lb almost everyday, so I am not really surprised that it ended up being less at 15.6lbs for the week.

The good thing is, I finally found an elliptical at Sports Authority, since I had an extra 20% off coupon on Saturday. Then I noticed that the same exact elliptical we bought was on sale the next day on Amazon for the same price we paid. Was just a funny coincidence that the Schwinn 450 was the deal of the day. And honestly, at $640, it was a steal! It’s the best one that we have found regarding sturdiness, quality, and comfortable stride length without going digital. We did not one that had an auto adjustable incline, since that meant it could break down electronically and we would be screwed. This one is manually adjusted with a handlebar. Not that difficult really.

I just started exercising on it yesterday, so I won’t know if this is going to kick-start my weight loss results with Nutrisystem until next week. I am hoping I lose twice as much, but only time will tell. My calves are pretty sore today, and will probably be worse tomorrow since I hopped on it this morning for 15 minutes. Any longer than that right now, and I feel like I am going to pass out.

Starting Weight: 5’11” @ 230.8
Current Weight: 215.2
Week 1 Loss: 6.4lbs
Week 2 Loss: 1.8lbs 
Week 3 Loss: 1.4lbs 
Week 4 Loss: 1.6lbs 
Week 5 Loss: 1.4lbs 
Week 6 Loss: 1.6lbs
Week 7 Loss: 1.2lbs
Total Loss: 15.6 lbs
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