Week 36 on Nutrisystem #NSNation Blogger Program #spon

In my recent order with Nutrisystem, I noticed they stuck a couple new dinner items in my fresh and frozen package, which is always a nice surprise since they pre-determine what you will receive. It was the Chef’s Table Fire Roasted Red Pepper and the Shrimp Alfredo. I of course tried these ones first, since it was a nice and refreshing change from the same things that I have been eating for nearly 10 months.

The Shrimp Alfredo contains broccoli, yellow and orange carrots, penne pasta in an Alfredo sauce, a Parmesan cheese blend and just a hint of sherry. I cooked this in the microwave since it’s in one of those plastic containers, which was probably a bad idea. I should have put it in the oven and done it that way just to see if the result would have been better. I love shrimp, but this shrimp was chewy and not tender at all. Shrimp is a delicate seafood, it needs to be cooked properly and at the right temperature or it can be ruined quickly! The sauce it was in, tasted very watery/runny and was not creamy or rich at all. Granted it’s not going to be as creamy as something you find in an Italian restaurant since we’re trying to avoid the fat content, but I like my sauces to taste good and this just didn’t cut it for me.

The Fire Roasted Red Pepper is a very creative idea that I should have done before I started this diet plan. This one contains shredded beef, rice, and goat cheese, which are all packed inside of the red bell pepper. However, once I cooked it and took it out of it’s package, it fell flat and looked like a pile of mush. Definitely doesn’t look appealing when you go to eat it, but this isn’t chopped or many of those other cooking shows where you get graded on how you style your plate with food. The taste was just okay for me. I really love bell peppers, so I can eat them religiously. I think if this had a unique sauce instead of the usual tomato based sauces Nutrisystem loves to use, and cooked with quinoa instead of long grain rice, I think it would be more appetizing to me.

Other than that, they were great.

Starting Weight: 5’11” @ 230.8
Current Weight: 193 lbs
Week 1: -6.4lbs
Week 2: -1.8lbs 
Week 3: -1.4lbs 
Week 4: -1.6lbs 
Week 5: -1.4lbs 
Week 6: -1.6lbs
Week 7: -1.2lbs
Week 8: -1.2lbs
Week 9: -.7lbs
Week 10: -2.5lbs
Week 11: -.2lbs
Week 12: -3.2lbs
Week 13: +.6lbs
Week 14: -1.6lbs
Week 15: -3.2lbs
Week 16:  – .8lbs
Week 17:  +1.4lbs
Week 18:  – 3.6lbs
Week 19:  – 2.6lbs
Week 20:  + 1.7lbs
Week 21: + 1.3lbs
Week 22: – 2lbs
Week 23: – .4lbs
Week 24: – 1.6lbs
Week 25: +1lbs
Week 26: – 1.5lbs
Week 27: – 1.5lbs
Week 28: – 2lbs
Week 29: +2.8lbs
Week 30: -2lbs
Week 31: +2lbs
Week 32: -2.2lbs
Week 33: +1.8lbs
Week 34: – 3.2lbs
Week 35: +2.3lbs
Week 36: – 2.5lbs
Total Loss: 37.8 lbs

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free for my reviewpurposes only.  All opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced in any way 

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