Smooth Operator or Something.

On Saturday, I decided that since I was pretty much caught up with homework for the day for the most part that I would go to the bar with my boyfriend and watch the UFC fights. I straightened my hair, put on a little bit of makeup, some tight jeans and a tank top and headed out the door. 
We had the whole middle table of the bar reserved since it’s the best spot in the house. Even though I have been dieting on Nutrisystem (as I have mentioned a million times before), I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying myself in having a few high calorie, alcoholic beverages. After I was finished with my first, I drank some water and waited until my boyfriend was done with his so that we could order the jumbo 34oz to share. I would drink it alone, but they make it a 2 person requirement. BOO! So we ordered the hula whoo whoo, which contains a copious amount of booze AND 151. I wasn’t drunk or anything but I was feeling pretty good, flirting with my boyfriend enjoying the company of those that came with us.
My boyfriend walks to the other end of the table to talk to his gym friends and I sit there quietly finishing my booze and checking my email on my kindle fire. Then I get something in my ear to my left. I look over and its the guy that passed me to go to the bathroom. He asks me for my name. I kindly tell him, but look a little disinterested since I am not the least bit interested, obviously because I have a boyfriend. He asks if I’m there alone? I pointed to the whole table and said, “No, I’m with them”. He was here before we got here so he should have seen that when I walked in. I know he’s probably just trying to make small talk, but he’s not very smooth. He then proceeds to ask me to come sit with him and his family at another table. I turned my head down and then ignored him from there. LOL I commend him for getting the courage to come talk to me, but I find it quite funny when guys try to hit on me with my boyfriend there. I looked at my boyfriend while he was talking to me and he is staring at me smiling, kind of giggling. He comes over and says, ” way out of your league buddy, is what I was thinking the whole time.” It’s kind of nice for people to take notice in how good you’re starting to look. With almost 40lbs lost, it’s a big confidence booster. Although, with drinking this summer and BBQ’s, it’s now closer to 35lbs again

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