Monster Jam is Coming to Portland Feb 29th!

Monster Jam is Coming to Portland Feb 29th!

Monster Jam Collaboration: I was given free tickets to view the show for this post. All opinions/statements are my own.

The family is super excited to be able to check out Monster Jam this year in Portland at the Moda Center on Feb 29th! I’ve always had a love for monster trucks ever since I was a little girl, but I have never been to a big arena, just the local county fair. It was underwhelming at times but still fun, so I’m thrilled to see it in a bigger arena where they’re able to really maneuver!

It will be the first time we’ve ever been to a Monster Jam, so Arya is antsy for the day to arrive. (only 2 more days or a day and a half if you wanna get technical!) View Post

Life is Precious: Get Out & Make Memories

Life is Precious: Get Out & Make Memories


After the miserable week I’ve had, we needed to find something fun to do as a family this past weekend. So we planned an outing to the Portland, Oregon Zoo for the Zoo Lights that they put on every year during the holidays. It was neat, but the rain and cold made for unhappy kids. And, if you’re from the PNW area, then you know exactly what I am talking about. This is why we had to get hot cocoa to warm our bellies while there!


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Clark County Fair 2017

It’s that time again for our yearly Clark County Fair trip!

We always hit up the first day (Friday, August 4th) since it’s free with the coupon from Fred Meyers. But, it ended up being a scorcher this year, so we were only able to last until about 10am-2pm. View Post

Family Visit to Osborn Aquatic Center in Corvallis, Oregon

I had plans to drive down to see one of my sisters for months in Albany, Oregon, but every time the time would roll around, something would always come up. One of the kids were sick, I was sick, kids were away with their dad, etc. So we finally decided to make a day of it last Sunday and stick to it, which ended up being one of the hottest days of the year so far at a whopping 100 degrees! We made sure that we found a place where we could get wet and cool off in the blistering sun and Osborn Aquatic Center in Corvallis, Oregon was the place.

It was a 2 hour and 8 min drive from here to there, which wasn’t too bad since it was straight freeway pretty much. I made sure to have snacks, the swim/sun essentials, a tablet for movie watching and all that good stuff for the two tots in the back seat since my other sister and niece were tagging along. We did end up forgetting the life jackets we just bought, but that was okay because they have plenty at Osborn Aquatic Center to be used.

We arrived there around 2. They seem to only be open from 1-4 pm on Sundays which kind of stinks, but I get it, people want to go home to be with their families too. But I feel like a place like this should at least stay open until 5 or 6 pm in the summer when people are looking for fun ways to cool off.

Their hours are something like this:

focus-ring-color; outline-style: auto; font-family: Roboto-Regular, HelveticaNeue, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; background-color: #f2f2f2; display: inline-block; color: #212121 !important;” tabindex=”0″ data-ved=”0ahUKEwiu05yhu-nUAhVK82MKHS0BC2YQoT4IcDAI”>Closed now 

Saturday 10:30AM–4PM
Sunday 1–4PM
Monday 5:30AM–7:30PM

(4th of July)


Hours might differ

Wednesday 5:30AM–9PM
Thursday 5:30AM–7:30PM
Friday 5:30AM–9PM

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5 FREE Activities to Do in Vancouver, WA

Every time people ask me where I am from, they automatically assume I mean Vancouver, Canada which is the only Vancouver the entire world knows about except for those of us that actually live here.  LOL, It can get rather annoying when you’re traveling.

For those that don’t know, Vancouver, WA is kind of a suburb of Portland, Oregon. We cross the interstate bridge over the Columbia River and wa-la, we’re in Portland.

There are so many free activities to do in Vancouver, WA but these are the ones that stand out to me.


Esther Short Park

This is 5 acres and located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. There’s a watering area for kids to play in to cool off during the summer months. A gazebo area and lots of grass and trees which hold festivals year round. They even do a movie night in the park during the summer, which is free for all to enjoy.  There’s, of course, a playground for kids to run around and bathrooms if needed. And on the weekends, the farmer’s market is held right next to the playground on the roadway.

Little known Fact: Esther Short Park is the oldest public square in the state of Washington.

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