That Time of Year When Depression is Rampant

That Time of Year When Depression is Rampant

Among various types of mental issues, depression takes number one position when it comes to number of affected people. It is so common that almost everyone had at least one depressive episode during his life. Symptoms of the condition affect both body and mind, causing severe social problems for a patient.


People like to behave as doctors and set up their own diagnosis. Because of this, and because of the fact that most people had experienced something similar to depression, we tend to disregard real disease when it happens. Individuals perceive it as a passing issue that can remedied with help of the friends. Unfortunately, oftentimes depression has strong roots in childhood. There needs to be some traumatic experience that led to this illness. Due to this, patient will be forced to go to psychotherapy and to buy Wellbutrin online or some other medication for major depressive disorder.

Depression is a state of low mood that needs to persist for at least two weeks. Any other behavior that lasts for shorter period of time cannot be called depression. It is natural to feel down from time to time. But, illness is much different from passing feeling of sadness because it persists and patient is unable to do anything to help himself. Even though basic symptoms resemble sadness and bad mood, there is much more to depression than this. Person affected by it will lose confidence and self-esteem. He will not be to perform at school or at work due to lack of focus. Furthermore, he won’t be able to accomplish set goals or to finish things which he started. Patient’s social life will also take a hit. He will slowly withdraw from his family and friends. He will not be able to communicate with them or with anyone else. Social interaction and making new friends will be almost impossible. Besides these symptoms, individual will also experience some other physical issues such as insomnia and loss of weight. The worst thing about this condition is the fact that it often leads to suicide.


This illness often has roots in childhood. Individuals, who were abused, mistreated or lacked love, will suffer from the disease later on in life. Often, there needs to be a trigger that will make all those emotions from childhood resurface. Like with any other mental illness of today, our environment can be the cause of disturbance. Noise, pollution, impact of other people, can all lead to it. Of course, people who have genetic predisposition for depression or mental sicknesses are more likely to develop it.

Major depressive disorder, as well as seasonal affective disorder, can easily be treated with Wellbutin. Specialists from You! Drugstore warn consumers that use of medication is not enough to battle this disease. Individual will also have to visit therapist. But, if you use Wellbutrin, you are able to eliminate most of the symptoms making your day go better. Patients who have seizure or epilepsy disorder, those who suddenly stopped using alcohol or those with eating disorder, should avoid this drug.


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