My Boyfriend Proposed!!

This past weekend, we had plans to stay with 5 other couples in this giant house on the beach to celebrate one of the couples vow renewals. The first night getting there, we ended up partying hard. I was forced to play pool with rules of taking a shot every time I scratched or hit another ball that wasn’t my own. And since I am not a pool player, this actually being my like 2nd time playing pool, I sucked hard. My boyfriend put a stop to the shots though since he knew I would get sick if I continued to take shots every time. Mind you, it was only 4 p.m. As you can see, it was going to be a long night! We played some board games, air hockey, foose ball, and ended the night with a jump in the hot tub. 

After about 10 minutes of being in the hot tub, I suddenly get this urge to go run to the toilet. It’s never a good idea to jump into a hot tub after drinking copious amounts of booze. Your body temperature rises from the hot water, as does from the alcohol, causing light-headedness, dizziness, and nausea. I should have known better, but you don’t exactly make smart decisions while intoxicated. I think I was in the bathroom for about 15 minutes before my boyfriend comes in to grab me and put me into bed. I don’t know when all hell broke loose, but I awoke in the bedroom in the middle of the night with instantaneous nausea that induced vomit. I ended up doing it all over the floor, and passed back out.

The following morning, I am feeling like shit and get out of bed, only to step in the vomit-shit that I forgot about last night. I grabbed a towel and started to clean up the chunks, and rubbed the carpet with the towel, which only seemed to make it worse since I ate taco soup that day. Chunks of corn were everywhere! Yes, I know you wanted that image. It still even had a greasy residue. BLECH.

After half-assing the clean up process, we have breakfast and then us girls were supposed to go to the glass blowing place in Lincoln City. I almost did not go because even standing upright made me feel dizzy. I just wanted to sit on the couch and possibly pass the eff out again. I hear the guys saying no, all women must go. So I was like fine. I knew something was up, because my boyfriend would wander off and go randomly whisper to group and I’m just like that’s odd, I wonder what he’s up to. Anyways, I stumble off to the glass blowing place with the rest of the girls and let them do their thing for a couple of hours. One even ended up making me a heart shaped glass piece since I wasn’t up to moving around quickly with a hot, fire poker. Yeah, sounds like fun, but when you’re hungover and nauseous, it’s a nightmare.

We start heading back to the house, my boyfriend is upstairs in the house alone and we’re like where are all the guys cause it was quiet and empty. We thought they ended up going to sleep for a quick nap. Then one of the girls said, “What’s going on outside?” So, of course I immediately head to the big bay windows to look out on the beach with the rest of the girls and I see logs conveniently placed on the beach spelling out some words. I start reading and I am like -oh shit. Then he hurries and rushes to get into place with the ring in his hand and on one knee and asks if I will marry him. Of course I said yes because I have been waiting for this for I don’t know how long. I was in complete shock, and felt like that for the rest of the day. They made me redo the proposal setup since he wasn’t ready when someone blabbed to look out the window, since he wanted it video taped, so that was extra awkward.

I almost felt like he should have done it on his own accord, instead of doing it on someone elses vow renewal weekend celebration, but I’ll take what I can get. Now he says we should get married in 1 1/2 weeks when we go to Vegas. FREAKING THE EFF OUT RIGHT ABOUT NOW!

Must find dress… 


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    Reminds me of my wife and I. I proposed to her on June 20th and we got married, in Vegas, about 2 weeks later on July 3rd. Congrats again, Jenny!

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