DIY All Natural Cleaning Spray For Any Surface

Diy all natural cleaning spray

The one thing that irks me is that some companies get away with not listing ALL or ANY of the ingredients on their products ingredients label because the FDA doesn’t require it. Why? Who knows. That’s why I don’t trust the FDA or much of anything from our government. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good or bad, but it does make you wonder why they don’t want to list them in the first place, especially when you’re dealing with chemicals that you’re breathing in and possibly touching with your skin. Because of this, I decided I was going make my own all natural cleaning spray.

DIY ALL Natural Clean Spray Recipe

One thing every household needs is a big ol’ jug of white distilled vinegar. It can be used for cleaning just about everything because of its acidity and antimicrobial properties. You may not enjoy your house smelling like a giant pickle, but it’s worth it, trust me.


White Distilled Vinegar

Distilled Water

Essential Oils:

I used lemon and grapefruit which are both great as disinfectants and then orange which is great for cutting through grease.

(FYI, not all essential oils are created equal. I use EdensGarden because they’re 100% therapeutic grade and affordable.)

Mix Ratio:

Because the ph of the water is 7 and the ph of the vinegar is 2-3, you’ll want to do about a 50/50 water and vinegar ratio in a spray bottle.


I bought that cute spray bottle at Target in their dollar spot section. ( I still say dollar spot because I can’t get behind the new bullseye’s playground name )

If you feel like that ratio just isn’t cutting it for mold or tough grease, add-in some more vinegar until you feel like you have the right ratio for your cleaning needs.

Add 10-15 drops of each essential oil and you’ll have a fresh citrus scent that’s perfect for spring cleaning! I honestly can’t even smell the vinegar anymore over the essential oils. It seriously smells heavenly and gets me into the cleaning spirit. Because who loves cleaning? Not me!

I have used this in the bathroom, kitchen and even on my tables in the living room and dining area with much success. It’s purely awesome and the only all natural cleaning spray you’ll need.



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