Managing the Litter Box While Pregnant

Managing the Litter Box While Pregnant

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One day, you get the bright idea to get a kitten a couple months before you give birth to your second child not realizing how much effort a kitten requires.


It had been almost 16 years since I had a kitten and at that point in my life, it wasn’t difficult to handle since I didn’t have any kids. She was my furbaby. But since that furbaby passed last November, I knew I wanted to get another cat that my children could grow up with as we had a lot of love to give still.

Cats have always been my pet of choice ever since I was a young tot. All you have to do is play with them, pet them, feed/water and change the cat box.

I hate cleaning the litter box. I mean, who really enjoys scooping clumps of cat feces and urine?

One thing I noticed about our new cat is that she ate more than what my 16-year-old chubby cat would eat in a day. This also meant that her urine and poo output was rampant. I would need to clean it a couple of times a day if I didn’t want it becoming too full or smelly, plus, being pregnant on top of that, I was worried about contracting toxoplasmosis while cleaning out the litter box.

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Saying Goodbye to a Family Member; My Cat Yasmine

On Sunday, November 26th, I started my morning just as I do every morning by heading downstairs to cook breakfast. What I didn’t realize is that it would be one of the most heartbreaking days I would experience besides the miscarriage I had earlier this year.

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5 Ways to Help Your Cat With Asthma

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My cat hasn’t always had asthma, but it seemed to appear the older she got and the more weight she gained. She’s 15 and about 16 lbs which is heavy for a cat her size.

My cat started having coughing fits about 4 years ago, which I was clueless about. It wasn’t her typical hairball hacking or her gorge on food then throwing it up head movement that I was used to. These seemed to last longer and sounded raspy. I found videos on YouTube of people videoing their cats who had asthma, which sounded and looked identical to what my Yasmine was going through.

I ended up taking her to the vet and explained the symptoms. He checked everything out and she looked and sounded fine. But, they wanted to do this expensive x-ray imaging which I kindly denied. I told them I preferred her to get a steroid shot because I am pretty sure it was cat asthma and that’s what they use to calm the inflammation down.

It took a couple days for the asthmatic attacks to calm down, but I researched and researched until I finally came up with a plan…

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Keep Litter Box Odors in Check

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As a first-time mom, you may have thought, she’s in for a real surprise with diaper duty, but little do you know, I am not new to disgusting smells since I have had a cat for 15 years now. I only wished I did something about the smell a little sooner since she’s both an indoor and outdoor cat which requires a litter box. No amount of powder or chemical scents can clear up the smell of cat feces and urine, you’re better off cleaning out the litter box immediately after they go and disposing into the Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System.

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