The Importance of Free Play Outside

The Importance of Free Play Outside

Did you know that kids nowadays spend 35% less time playing outside than we did when we were kids? I remember going out and making mud pies, swinging on the tire swing, swimming in the pool, and just creating an imaginary world where everything was fun and what I believed to be perfect.

I admit, it’s sometimes easier to get a break now and then by allowing my toddler to watch videos or play learning games on the tablet while I am trying to take care of things in the house or with baby sis, but I do try to make it a priority to get her outside for free play at least once a day.

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Eagle Creek Oregon Backpacking Trip

Eagle Creek Oregon Backpacking Trip

I have been on a few backpacking hikes with my husband, but this was the longest and toughest one for me.  I was at my heaviest weight and super out of shape when we did Eagle Creek back in 2011. I dunno if I would currently try it with a kid since there are some dangerous spots on the trail, but it was beautiful.

Pretty much the start of Eagle Creek

I was always lagging behind. My chest felt tight, my breathing was horrendous, I just couldn’t catch my breath and had to stop numerous times which meant I was left trailing behind most of the way with our group.

Top View of Punch Bowl Falls


punch bowl falls below

Most people just hike to Tunnel Falls, but we went the entire 7.5 miles the first day to the last camp spot on the trail before you end up on the steep hike to Wahtum Lake.

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Camping at Detroit Lake in Oregon

Camping at Detroit Lake in Oregon

A few months ago, we decided to book a camping trip at Detroit Lake, Oregon since our friends had invited us. I was kind of hesitant since baby girl is walking around now and you know, campfires and dirt and uncomfortable air mattresses with a toddler just didn’t sound thrilling. So let’s just say, I had to be optimistic.

It takes about 2 hours from here to there so I knew we needed to leave before she took her late morning/early afternoon nap. We got lucky since she ended up sleeping the entire way there.

We arrive and set up camp, which didn’t take nearly as long as it usually does since we bought an instant tent with poles already attached and ready to go. (Thanks, Target cartwheel for the 40% off! Lol)

detroit lake campground

I brought her playpen and a new camping play toy set on Amazon which kept her occupied while we set stuff up. Then we freed her, and all was fair game says the running rampant toddler.

She walked around part of the campground saying hi to the campers near us. She’s going to be a social butterfly like her dad. I myself like to avoid conversations with strangers since I’m a little socially awkward. I don’t know if I like her being super friendly since this opens up (in my mind) easy access for kidnapping. Hey, you can never be too cautious with the sick people in the world today. But don’t worry, I’m a helicopter mom. I mean, you got to be when they’re this age…

The campground was okay, maybe a little too cramped for my liking since we had the extra parking spots right in our camp area. It’s almost as if we were in the city with very little yard separating us from our neighbors. I guess in a way it’s nice if you want to mingle with strangers, but I prefer more space when you have to pay to camp.

The lake last year was pretty dried up. It still isn’t where it normally is supposed to be, but it at least had a good amount.

detroit lake campground

We sat in our inner tubes in the lake for a little bit, but the current kept pushing us up to the shoreline in the 6 inches of water, so our butts were scraping on the rocks. Arya wanted to hop out of the tube and go play on her own. Lol

She’s starting to become too independent… I just want my baby to stay little forever.

She was having so much fun running around that she didn’t want to take a single nap and fought it pretty much all day until 5 pm. And even then, she only slept 30 minutes and was up til 10:30.

She’s enjoying the world. And when she gets older, she’s going to wish she could nap like I currently wish for myself…ha

Overall, Detroit Lake was fun, but it gets pretty cold through the night, so be sure to bring lots of blankets and warm clothes. I was freezing my butt off!

They have free showers to use, a free activity every day to do, AND toilets… No digging holes for me, yay!

So if you’re looking for a luxury style place to camp in Oregon, try Detroit Lake!


Benefits of Outdoor Play: Get Out This Summer!

Benefits of Outdoor Play: Get Out This Summer!

With summer officially here, schools out and that means kids need some sort of stimulation; they crave to learn and explore. We love going to the community park with the nieces. They can run, jump, climb, explore, learn and be social all in one place.  A couple of my nieces don’t really have a yard at home and with it raining almost 9 months out of the year here in the PNW, they don’t get too much play time activity outside so they really enjoy it and so do we!


Nowadays kids just want to stay inside and play video games; my nieces included. We as adults need to set time limits and make them go outside and enjoy the outdoors. I remember always being outside playing with friends from school or neighbor kids and having a complete ball. I didn’t need electronics to entertain me. My friends and I would put on shows like singing and dancing and whatnot. Being outside allowed our imaginations to flow.

So what will you be doing this summer with the kiddos?

Check out the Benefits of Play at IPEMA’s Voice of Play Movement.