DIY All Natural Cleaning Spray For Any Surface

The one thing that irks me is that some companies get away with not listing ALL or ANY of the ingredients on their products ingredients label because the FDA doesn’t require it. Why? Who knows. That’s why I don’t trust the FDA or much of anything from our government. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good or bad, but it does make you wonder why they don’t want to list them in the first place, especially when you’re dealing with chemicals that you’re breathing in and possibly touching with your skin. Because of this, I decided I was going make my own all natural cleaning spray.

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DIY All Natural Body Butter Salve for Dry Winter Skin


If you’ve reached this post then you know that most beauty products on the market aren’t good for the biggest and one of the most important organ; the skin. It’s the first thing that people notice about you. I’m not gonna lie. My skin texture leaves little to be desired. I have freckles which are caused from the sun so that means I have sun damaged skin. I was tired of using products with parabens, propylene glycol, paraffin, sodium lauryl sulfate, you know, the bad chemicals that absorb into your skin and cause all kind of issues like dry skin, hair loss, inhibit skin cell growth and cause possible cancer. Anything that I can do to avoid these conditions is a must in my book!

I am a little late getting this DIY all-natural body butter salve recipe for dry winter skin up, but now’s just as perfect time as any since it’s still winter and most of us are still dealing with dreaded dry skin.

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Safe DIY Moon Dough for a Toddler Fun Activity

Winter weather calls for new and fun activities since we can’t always get outside when we want to like in the summertime. And we haven’t exactly gotten any snow this year, besides the 1/2 an inch on Christmas Eve that quickly disappeared; and the rain isn’t exactly fun to play in either when you’re not covered in rain gear, so I needed something entertaining that was different and unique to her like moon dough!

I had made my daughter a rice sensory bin a while back but knew she was getting bored with it. She needed something else to keep her mind and hands stimulated, so I decided to try moon dough since she loves play dough.

What’s moon dough you ask?

It’s similar to play dough, only it’s silky in texture and doesn’t dry out like play dough, which is why I like it. (Some people call it cloud dough, cloud sand or even moon sand.)

You also only need 2 ingredients as well, which is another reason why I love it.

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Amazing Essential Oil Roller Blend for The Winter Moody Blues

Winter blues is no joke. Most people develop mood disorders in late fall and winter months, which often leads to depression.

I’ve just started taking an interest in essential oils last year and I’m finally getting around to buying and using some in more recipes because I like a more holistic approach when it comes to health and well-being.

Because of the lack of sunlight (hello daylight “pointless” saving time..), the end of the year stress from Etsy, and my cat dying, I decided I should make an essential oil rollerball blend to get me out of my moody blues funk.

How to make an amazing & uplifting essential oil rollerball blend for the winter moody blues

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Since I have really short eyelashes and don’t want to pay a well-known beauty brand big bucks for their magical eyelash growth serum, I decided I would make my own. Plus, I am not fond of all the unknown chemicals that these companies add into their products. I am trying to go through life now with a more natural approach even though it’s a little more expensive. My family and I are important to me and so is our health, so it’s worth it.

The Ultimate DIY All Natural Eyelash Growth Serum

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