5 Ways To Speed Up Your Beauty Routine


You’ve done it again!  You’ve hit the snooze button once too often and now run the risk of being late to work.  Often times, women hit the floor running early in the morning, and are making that mad dash for work.  You hardly have time to get dressed and put on your make-up, let alone have breakfast.  Luckily, there are several easy beauty tips that can simplify your morning, and may even leave a little extra time for breakfast.

Problem:  Your multistep skin prep takes way too long.

Solution:  Be sure to cleanse your face, and quickly dot on a good moisturizer containing at least an SPF of 15.  Moisturizer helps rejuvenate the skin from the long night of sleep.  Save the toner and other facial care items until later that night.  Skin cleansing cloths are a great alternative to washing your face.  They work quickly to remove dirt and oil, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean in half of the time.

Problem:  Digging through your cosmetic brushes is a waste of time.

Solution:  You don’t need to use all of your cosmetic brushes when you’re in a hurry.  Simply apply your foundation with a wedge sponge.  Use your blush brush to dust on powder, blush, and bronzer.  Skip your lipstick brush and apply a thin layer of gloss.  Comb your eyebrows and your through with your brushes.  Try keeping your brushes organized in a bag for easy access.  You can also take them with you in the car for quick touch-ups at work.

Problem:  You’ve got too many products in your cosmetic bag.

Solution:  Many innovative facial products now combine separate products, making it simpler to apply.  Here are a few time saving cosmetic combination ideas:

  • Foundation + Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer + Sunscreen + Tint
  • Concealer + Wrinkle Smoother
  • Toothpaste + Whitener + Breath Freshener
  • Make sure that you go through your cosmetic bag regularly and get rid of old, unused cosmetics.  Keeping your bag clean and organized can help cut down on time spent rummaging around in your cosmetic bag.

Problem:  Your products seem to wear off too easily.

Solution:  Try applying a facial primer before using your foundation.  This will help your cosmetics adhere better to your skin.  A lip primer also works well to keep your lip color in place all day.  After washing and moisturizing your skin, allow you face to dry for a few minutes.  Use this time to brush your teeth or style your hair.  Then apply a thin coat of primer to your entire face, including your eyelids and lips.  Continue applying your cosmetic products as usual.  You’ll be amazed at how long your products will stay looking wonderful.

Problem:  You don’t have time to do your hair.

Solution:  Try using dry shampoo.  Once restricted to bed-ridden individuals, many reputable manufacturers have come out with their take on this simple product.  Not only does it make your hair smell good, but it adds body and volume as well.  Although stylists recommend avoiding daily use, dry shampoo is the perfect way to speed up your hair styling process.  Stick your hair in a cute bun, and you’re ready to face the day.

If you are running late to work, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look beautiful.  Use these simple tips to speed up your normal beauty routine, and you’ll be on your way in no time.


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