Zaycon Foods Chicken Review

Image from CAMonkeyMomma, as I forgot to take a photo.


I got a chance to receive a 40 lb box of Chicken from Zaycon Foods when they arrived in my city for their monthly food dispersing travels for posting about them previously. All opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was received besides the free chicken.

Zaycon Foods was actually quite easy to deal with. I placed my order online, chose a date that they would be in my town, and then waited for their arrival.

Once it was time for me to pick up the chicken, I printed my receipt from my email, drove to the area they had set up and waited in line in our cars. It was literally a drive-thru chicken pick up and took less than 10 minutes tops. They opened our cars back door, laid down plastic over our cars interior and dropped the box of fresh chicken on our seat in a total of 1 minute. They’re fast!!

They did have a bit of difficulty with the truck they used for shipment, but they made sure to call me and let me know they would be a half an hour to an hour later than normal since they were having mechanical problems with the truck. But that was fine because I had to go grocery shopping anyways and just stopped on the way there when I was done with that. I liked that they called me to let me know thoug, as well as sent an email out.

When we got home, my husband and I had to vacuum seal 40 lbs of chicken and let me tell you, it was a daunting task LOL but so worth it. I didn’t pound the chicken with a meat tenderizer and I think this helps to make it more tender and less chewy when you cook it since its going to be easy to over cook it as its so thick and huge. Maybe even best to slice the breasts into halves or even thirds, cause 1 person could definitely share 1 chicken breast. I found that cooking on a pan though without doing any of the mentioned above made the chicken taste rubbery and chewy, even cooking it in the oven gave me the same results. I tried the crock-pot and that seemed to work a little better but there were still a couple of chunks that were a little bit chewy, but overall much better.

Thank you Zaycon Foods, you were a pleasure to work with, hope to be a repeat customer if the prices are still right!