JonBenet Ramsey Special on CBS

Have any of you catched the JonBenet Ramsey special on CBS? I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since that poor girls death. I was just entering high school at the time this occured and remembering back then that the Ramsey’s had something to do with it.

It hasn’t been proven since it’s not a solved case, but all the evidence reviewed in the CBS special lead to Burke Ramsey, her brother who was 9 at the time of her death. The key evidence was the pineapple found in her stomache.

The boy/now man clearly has psychological issues. I am pretty sure he’s an undercover psychopath with the way he smiles constantly when talking about the murder on the  Dr. Phil show.

He sounded like he was extremely jealous of his sister. He didn’t like something about gifts on christmas morning. He didn’t like JonBenet taking his pineapple that evening  He then snapped and hit her with the flash light over the head which is what lead to her death. A year before, he hit her with a golf club and claimed it was an accident. But he was having a tantrum about something then too. Coincidence? I think not!

Then the Ramsey parents covered it up by writing a bogus ransom note and staging an intruder scene.

One, an intruder is not going to leave a 3 page ransom and then kill the person they’re trying to get money for.

Two, if they came in that open basememt window, that damn spider web would have been disturbed. They’re not fooling anyone and it’s mind baffling that they wouldn’t give their baby girl justice and get their son with mental issues some help.

Everything about him just screams awkward and disturbed. Watching the videos of them asking him questions… his demeanor was just off. Him discluding his sister in a family portrait he decided to draw after the murder was a little odd too. And who smears feces on jonbenet’s gifts, candy wrappers, the wall and her bed? A sociopathic little boy who can’t handle not being the center of attention, that’s who.

I believe he did it with intentions to really hurt her since he didn’t care she was gone or dead at all in the interviews.

What a sick, sick individual. 

And for the Ramsey’s to cover it up is despicable!
Do you believe Burke Ramsey did it?