Internship at Entrada is Over

I have completed my internship at Entrada Health, but never actually got hired on. I’m a little irritated about it since I heard that they hire pretty much anyone, but I ended up waking to a generic email about how they don’t have any available spots. Oh well, I was pretty much having to retype everything from beginning to end because their software is not up to par like Nuance’s was. It was ridiculous! So, if I did get hired on, I would be getting paid at an editor rate for full on transcription. That’s a lose/lose to me.

I am not as upset as I was the day I woke up to that, because I know my time is worth more than what they were offering. I can at least use this experience on my resume if I decide to try to go down this dying route of editing medical reports again. But right now, it’s like beating a dead horse.