Local Eats: Shanahan’s Irish Bar in Downtown Vancouver, WA

shanahans bar and grill

Although we haven’t been able to visit Shanahan’s Bar & Grill as much as we’d like since having our daughter, this is the place that I do love to come to for bar food and drinks.

This is the best place for happy hour in the area, period. Most places happy hour times are from 3-6; Shanahan’s is from 3-8pm every day of the week! WOWzers!

The happy hour menu has been changed since I’ve been going there for the prices have increased a tad, but everything is still inexpensive and both the food and drinks are great!

They don’t skimp on the booze, which is what people like. If we wanted to pay bottle prices for 1 drink, we’d just drink at home.

The only downfall is that the place is packed every.single.day.of.the.week., so you pretty much have to fight someone for a place to sit, or at least wait until one becomes available and pounce on it FAST! I watched a group of 5  take a single man’s booth once he got up to go to the bathroom. He came back to grab his seat and then left because he had no place to sit. So if you’re here and you have a seat, make sure you grab their business cards and turn it over. It reads something like “don’t steal my drink” then people will assume you’re still there and coming back.

It does clear out after happy hour is over on the weekdays. The weekends are still quite busy.

They have updated the outdoor area which is a much bigger space so hopefully, it won’t be so bad in the summer or spring.

My favorite food items are the Steak bites and mushrooms for $5, which can be eaten by a single person, and the shanny fries which consist of green onions, tots, fries, cheese, and bacon. So delish! But don’t expect to finish it alone, the fries are huge for $4.50!!

shanahans bar and grill


The staff is all friendly, but when it’s busy, you may have better luck going up to the bar to grab a drink as they seem a little understaffed during happy hour.

I’m just glad this place is only a mile from my house; it gives me the motivation to ride my bike since there’s absolutely no parking available most times. Plus, I’ll need the cardio after eating shanny fries!

It’s absolutely worth it though and is a must visit if you’re in the area.