Why Do Companies Give Away Free Stuff?


It’s basically cheap advertising.
Most free stuff being given away online is of sample size, but you can find free full sized products too, mostly in the form of a free coupon when you opt-in to their mailing list. This helps market brand awareness. There’s no bigger advertisement than word of mouth, so giving out a free product for many more potential customers is no big deal to big corporations since it saves them thousands or even millions of dollars.

Plus, they build a heavy mailing list of future prospects for their future promotions. If you’re worried about spam, I suggest signing up for an email address and using it strictly for freebie offers.

Also, entering for a chance to get free stuff can be time sensitive. Usually companies give their products away on Facebook for a Facebook page like, but quantities are limited and are sometimes only available at certain times of the day, so they end up going quite quickly. I recommend liking brands on Facebook that you enjoy or want to try in the future, that way you can spot a freebie offer before most of the masses.

Or you can follow me on any/all social networking sites and I’ll update as I stumble upon new free stuff.

I try to post as much free stuff I can in an allotted time frame, but I am a one-girl team, so unfortunately I don’t/can’t get every single one posted on The Freebie Addiction.