Things To Do in Portland, Oregon on the Cheap!

Things To Do in Portland, Oregon on the Cheap!

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Groupon. All opinions are mine.

I am always looking for different ways to save, whether be it shopping for clothes, food or things to do in town for special occasions. I truly believe that you don’t need to pay full price in order to get quality products or to have a little fun. That’s why I am always browsing Groupon. They have tons of discounted options for things to do in Portland, Oregon that won’t break the bank.

Things To Do in Portland, Oregon on the cheap


Wine tasting and brewery options are almost always available any time of the year on Groupon in Portland. We’re the brewery capital of the world pretty much. I actually bought one of these Groupon’s for my husband last month since he loves beer and it was at a great price, which included a tasting sample as well as a growler!

Concerts and movies are Groupon things to do as well. Although I don’t get to do these often anymore since having my daughter, Groupon was our go-to for movie discounts at Cinetopia. And every time Cinetopia would pop up, we’d snag the tickets up, because frankly, who can afford $50 at the movie theater per couple with concessions? No thanks!

Theaters and shows for those that like theatrical events. There are plenty of places in Portland to catch a great show at a great venue!

Safaris and Chinese Gardens. I have actually been to the Chinese Garden which is cool to try at least once if you haven’t been already.


things to do in portland

There are so many Groupon Things to do, be sure to check local deals for the best savings. Sometimes you can score even better deals by using exclusive coupon codes sent to your email.

Get Back $5 with ibotta for Purchasing LUVS Diapers!

Get Back $5 with ibotta for Purchasing LUVS Diapers!

Being a new mom comes with unfamiliar territories, like middle of the night leaks while you’re trying to keep your eyelids open with toothpicks. Something all moms experience a time or two or 100. Ugh! I don’t know how many times I’ve had to deal with leakage so far with my 10 month old baby girl, lets just say it has been A LOT!

My sister told me about LUVS and not to go for the more expensive name brands like I have been because LUVS is just as effective, but a fraction of the cost. I have to say, she was right! In the last month I have started using them, we haven’t had any leaks and I have more spending money to use on other baby necessities. That’s because Luvs locks away wetness 2x better than Huggies Snug & Dry and turn diapers into dollars by saving up to $150 per year.

luvs diapers

LUVS has leak barrier leg gathers and a leak guard core, which makes it their largest absorbency ever. This is nice for busy moms by helping to keep leaks in the diaper where they belong, so our babies stay dry and comfortable.

LUVS stands behind their product. If you experience any leakage, they have a money back guarantee. They feel so strongly that their diapers will keep your baby leak-free that they’ve guaranteed them!

In partnership with LUVS, ibotta is offering up a $5 Rebate Offer when you purchase a 54ct or higher box of LUVS diapers.

If you’re unfamiliar with ibotta…

ibotta allows you to earn cash each time you shop. Here’s how:

Before shopping, choose your offers by completing tasks in the ibotta Product Gallery. Choose your earning level for each product offer by completing as many tasks as you like such as reading a fact, answering a trivia question, watching a video, etc. Once you complete at least one task per product offer, the product offer is automatically added to your shopping list on the ibotta app so you can earn money for purchasing the item. This one is my absolute favorite since it has so many different offers to choose from and at different stores. I’ve earned a total of $49 cash back using this app so far. All you have to do is unlock the offer by doing the simple task, verify the product to make sure it’s what is actually listed on the app and then snap a photo of the receipt. Usually they’re approved within an hour and once you reach $10, you can cash out to PayPal or Venmo instantly. If you’d rather convert your earnings into gift cards, you can certainly do that as well!


Follow these four simple steps to unlock the Luvs Diapers $5 rebate offer through Ibotta:

1. Download the free ibotta app, available on iOS and Android. Search “Luvs” and you will find the offer!

2. Print this .50 off coupon.

3. Go shopping for your Luvs diapers at any participating store.

luvs ibotta

4. Verify your purchases by scanning product bar codes and submitting a photo of your receipt.

5. Save money and earn cash back! Your $5 cash back rebate will be deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

Luvs diapers are available in sizes newborn through 6, and can be found at mass, discount and grocery stores where baby care products are sold.

For more information on Luvs diapers, visit or the brand’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign created in collaboration with the Luvs & iConnect. All opinions are 100% my own.

Household organization with StickerYou products

This can apply to general organization of closets, cupboards, bathrooms home office and such, but also routines. SY Kids labels, clear labels, freezer labels, white labels can all help with this, keeping parents on track with their new year’s resolution and feeling good about 2016. StickerYou has the sticky product you need!

StickerYou is your one-stop shop for creating custom stickers, labels, decals, temporary tattoos and more.
For a very limited time, StickerYou is offering a 13% discount on your next order! Use promo code 13STICKER at checkout! When to get started or take a look around?

About StickerYou:
– StickerYou is the only online platform in the world where you can upload your own designs or artwork to create completely custom stickers, labels, large format decals, temporary tattoos, iron-ons and magnets.
– Order your sticky products in any shape, any size and any quantity you wish. StickerYou has no minimum order quantity on most products so you can order the right number of stickers or labels to fit your event.
– StickerYou’s custom die-cut algorithm allows them to die-cut around the edge of your sticker or label design creating a unique shape. You are not limited to standard shapes.
– The company began in 2008 and has since expanded operations twice. They are located in Toronto, ON, Canada but ship products all over the world, right to your door step.

About Label/Sticker Products:
– Bottle labels are one of our most popular products. Use them to label your homemade goods such as jams, honey, cookies bags and more.
– Our premium vinyl material has great color reproduction, which means it is easy to match the color of the labels to a specific theme or color scheme.
– Customers have the choice between white vinyl material or clear vinyl material. We typically recommend white vinyl for bright colors or busy designs. But the clear labels also look beautiful if going for a more simplistic or modern design.
– The labels have a high quality shine which gives them a very professional look.
– The labels are photo quality so customers can even upload photos and use them on their products.
– The material will apply bubble free and has a strong but removable adhesive. If an error is made during application, the labels can be peeled up and replaced. The label will remove clean with no adhesive left behind.
– Labels will arrive in 8.5×11″ pages. Depending on how large/small your labels, you may be able to fit as many as 100 labels on a page. Delivering in page sizes makes the labels easier to handle, especially if they need to be transported around before they are actually applied.
– The material is waterproof, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, heat resistant, fade resistant and will stand up to mild abrasion.
– Our online platform has tons of templates. This is perfect for people who want to DIY their labels but do not have strong design skills. They can still get a great look which they created themselves. All templates have customizable color, text, images and fonts.
– Some of our templates were inspired by or taken directly from some beautiful designs our customers created. We like to think we inspire our customers, but often they inspire new ideas for us as well.

5 Tips To Save Money When Shopping Online

5 Tips To Save Money When Shopping Online

Lately, I haven’t exactly been living up to my full frugal potential, but that’s going to change starting this year. My goal is to save as much money as possible instead of having it spent before it even hits my bank account. I know, I know.. bad bad, which is why I wanted to emphasize on ways to save money when shopping online in this post. Let’s face it, some of us can’t get out of the house every time a good deal hits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money when shopping online.


1. Research. Research. Research.


Just because it’s advertised as a good deal, doesn’t exactly mean it’s a good deal. Check Google for comparison pricing on the certain item you’re looking for, this will give you a general overview if it’s worth it or not at the price point it’s being offered. There will be local pricing and online pricing if available.


2. Use Coupon Codes and Stack Them if Possible


This is an obvious no-brainer. If you want to save money online, use coupon codes that you can either get by signing up for the brands’ newsletter or by searching on Google. Often times you’ll find that the coupon incentive is much higher if you’re an actual newsletter subscriber. Another thing to note if you find a coupon code on Google, it may be an account tied coupon or a one-time use, so it’s best to sign up for the brands you do like so you can be reminded of current and future sales. Some companies like ClothingRIC and SitewideCouponseven allow you to stack multiple coupon codes, so take advantage when you can.


3. Add Items To Cart and Leave Them If You Don’t Need Right Away


One thing I have noticed when I window shop online is that they’ll offer an incentive to give you a little push to make that purchase. You’ll receive emails like, “we noticed you left something in your cart, here’s a little discount.” etc. Now not every company does this, so don’t let the item sit if it’s a good deal as good deals usually have a limited availability and will go out of stock quickly. So jump on it, if it’s hot.


4. Use Cash Back Websites Like GivingAssistant


Giving Assistant is a free digital loyalty program, with over 1,100 of the largest retailers like Kohls for instance, and gives an average of 5% cash reward after each online purchase.

Not all cash back websites are created equal. Some will give you very little back and some will give you 100% of what they make off your purchase, and Giving Assistant is one of those websites if you’re a member. For non-member purchases, they retain the commission and make a small donation to Feeding America to give one meal. You don’t have to wait months for a check in the mail like other cashback sites, and minimum payout is just $5.01, not $25+ like most other cashback sites which are nice because it can take a while to accumulate if you’re like me and not spending hundreds of dollars frequently.

If you make a purchase through their website and you don’t get credit for it, contact them and they’ll make sure you receive your full cash back amount. That to me is GREAT customer service!

I actually had an issue with the purchase I did through Walmart not crediting, but they put the 4% cash back in my account after confirming my purchase. It’s as simple as that!


5. Ask For a Price Drop Refund


Ouch, it stings knowing you just purchased something and then it drops to a lower price a day or a week later. Contact the company and ask for a price adjustment; the worst thing they could say is no. I know that Amazon does this when you contact their chat customer support people. It may be a hit or miss though depending on who you’re talking to, usually, they will accommodate though and refund the difference.


Do you have any more tips to save money when shopping online? I know there are lots more, but it will have to wait for a 2nd edition post.

Save With Dollar General’s Digital Coupons!

Save With Dollar General’s Digital Coupons!

When people always ask, what’s one thing you’d take if you were on a stranded island, my answer is toilet paper! Who wants to wipe with a leaf that may be poisonous or harsh on one of the most sensitive parts of the body?

Dig a hole, do your business, and then bury it. Wa-la. It’s what we do when we’re camping and there are no bathrooms. Makes for a much more pleasant outdoor experience.

We all know toilet paper is costly, that’s why I try to use coupons and look for sales when stores are having them and then stock up when I can, since it’s better to have a stockpile than to run out unexpectedly while on the toilet, yelling “WHERE’S THE TOILET PAPER?” in hopes that someone in the house will hear you and come running. And Dollar General is one of those places where I save on toiletry goods like Scott®. I like Scott® because it’s soft, an excellent value, gets the job done and is the easiest on septic tanks.



Right now, you will save big on SCOTT® products at Dollar General this holiday season with DG Digital Coupon offers and Bonus Packs (limited time only)!

All you have to do is sign up online or download the Dollar General App and add the Scott coupons, head to Dollar General and at checkout enter your phone number and the coupons will automatically come off. The coupons expire December 31st, 2015.

dg scott coupons

And until Feb 2016 these bonus packs will be available.

These bonus packs are available through Feb. 2016:

  • SCOTT® 1000 Bath Tissue, 16 pack (2 Free Rolls)
  • SCOTT® Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels, Mega Roll 6 Pack (Bonus 15% Sheets)
  • SCOTT® Extra Soft Bath Tissue, Double Roll 16 pack (2 Free Rolls)

These are just an added bonus when you’re looking to save. Getting more for your money is always a welcome surprise!

Not sure you have a Dollar General in your area, check out their store locator.