Seaside, Oregon Beach Trip for Labor Day Weekend

seaside oregon

This labor day, we decided to make an end of summer beach trip since we hadn’t been to the beach since Arya was like a month old. It was time to give her a new experience, one that she probably won’t remember when she’s older, but will remember right now in the moment.

My husband works a new job for a vacation rental place doing QA work. Well come to find out, they give their employees in the office a $250 credit on their birthdays, (his is Sep 1st) so we were able to use that towards a vacation house in Seaside, Oregon on top of his employee discount. It was a pretty decent deal! It had 2 bedrooms, a bath, and a nice-sized living area for a small family. To be honest, this was way better than paying for an overpriced hotel that’s the size of a sardine can with no fridge.

seaside oregon

View of the river from our condo.

We weren’t right on the boardwalk or oceanfront, but that didn’t bother me too much since we could either walk half a mile or just drive on over to the main strip.

Thursday when we arrived, it was pretty gloomy and rainy. It’s typical PNW weather, so it’s to be expected. Just always bring a rain jacket or coat with you while on vacation. Doesn’t matter what time of year, it can and will rain at any time. LOL

So the first day, we walked on the strip for a little bit and then stepped out on the sandy beach, but didn’t stay long since we didn’t arrive until after 5 pm and we needed to eat.

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