Saving Money For a New Car

Our used Outback we bought off of Craigslist a little over a year ago has currently been giving us problems. I am not exactly sure what’s wrong with it since I was driving it one day and all of a sudden it overheated. We’re thinking since we had a really cold day beforehand that it might have cracked one of the hoses if it didn’t have enough antifreeze in it. I was stranded on the other side of town until my husband could get to me and save me. Was not an experience I want to have again so I just haven’t been driving it all that much and if I do, I only go about 5 miles tops from home at a time. I hate, hate, hate cars when they make weird noises because it makes me paranoid that somethings just going to blow up and I’m going to be trapped inside.

subaru outback 2014

So, we’ve been looking at new Subaru Outbacks, but the problem with that is that the payments per month with insurance are going to be at least $450, possibly even more depending on how much our insurance will rise with a brand new car. It’s just not feasible at this time with our mortgage payment, health and dental insurance for both of us, and all of our other bills and investments being taken out of paychecks. We decided that we needed to come up with a savings plan. My husband already direct deposits $200 into savings each month so we have over $11k, but, we’re going on a trip to Mexico in less than 2 weeks and we have a bathroom remodel that MUST be done since we’re experiencing water leaks on our ceiling from upstairs. My husband made an excel spreadsheet of what we have leftover after bills to be used on food, gas, necessities, which is about $700, less now that we’re putting an extra $150 into savings to see how well we’d survive while we save up more for our new Outback.

I think we can definitely do it since we’ve toned down how much we’ve gone out on the weekends, and I have extra money for us that I get from Blogging that I can use to help out with food, etc. It’s fun going out and doing stuff, but you just don’t realize how much you spend at each place until you look at your bank account and realize you have a habit of spending too much money on unnecessary crap. My husband said we need to go back to playing video games, which I am fine with since we’re still spending time with each other even in a virtual in-game world but spending way less money. We actually rerolled new characters on the defiant side in Rift since we have dwarf characters on the other side. They no longer have a monthly fee, so I’m down with that.

We could potentially go with a lower cost car, but everything in the same class as the Subaru Outback is either the same price a couple thousand lower or a few thousand higher, and the Outback is the best option for us and isn’t worth saving that extra $2k on a car that isn’t as good. My husband does a lot of hiking, so he definitely wants AWD in a car and we want more of a family car for when the time comes…

Hopefully soon you will be ours Mr. Outback.

What are some things you do when it comes to saving money?

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