If It Costs Money, Then It’s Not Really Free!

There’s nothing more annoying than stumbling upon a freebie site after seeing a catchy title that says, “HOT: 2 FREE ITEMS” only to be bummed, because it’s not really free.

If you have to spend money in order to get something free, then it’s not free and should not be advertised as such. This is why you will not see me share any Walgreens or Rite Aid deals because they for the most part, require you to spend money to get the +UP Rewards or Register Rewards at the end of your purchase. Yeah, ultimately, you’re getting something for FREE after using the rewards on your next purchase, but you have to remember that it required money for the original purchase to begin with, so you can’t count the first purchase as free, as well as the second purchase with the rewards receipt. Some people often do this because they get confused by the free part, but it is not valid.

I don’t like to be misleading, but some bloggers seem to use this tactic to confuse their readers that aren’t familiar with this type of reward system, just to get hits on their blog.

To me, it just seems shady…

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