To Shit or Not to Shit in the Neighbors Yard

With Spring finally here after some weird and awkward weather, I have been wanting to get some new flowers planted in the divider that my boyfriend fixed up when we totally re-did the yard last year. More specifically some hot pink daisies since the petunia’s got out of control.

 I was out pulling weeds on Saturday since it was actually sunny with clear skies and the neighbor came out and told me I don’t have to do that since they pretty much did that already when they decided to take it upon themselves and pull all of our flowers out of the bed. We were pretty pissed off about that, but what can you do once it’s done? I just laughed and continued on to what I was doing and then he says, my wife and I were wanting to plant trees/bushes there to add privacy since it’s ours right? I said, technically it’s both of ours since it’s a divider of both of our yards. He mentioned that when he asked the landlord, that he had no idea who’s it was. Well first of all, there is no landlord if you bought the house, since you’re not a renter and 2nd it is bank owned, so there was definitely no landlord. I’m not sure if he’s just retarded or he thinks I am retarded. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was that he said the tree was called, but I already don’t like that idea since it’s too small of an area for one, and two, the tree roots could come up and effect our yard or brick lining. 
Our nice yard. We added in that plastic liner on their side.

If I were them, I would worry about fixing up their yard since it’s full of weeds, and not what goes in the middle of our nice yard, which we actually put there. I figure since we let the neighbors that are connected to our townhouse plant flowers in-between both driveways, that the one that we created for our yard should be just that, ours. But, since the neighbors bought that house, they are I guess “entitled” just as much as we are. How do you compromise on issues like this? Someone suggested that we plant the flowers underneath the trees so that they sprout up with them, but I don’t want trees there period. I mean, how much privacy can you have in a front yard anyways with little trees or bushes? Then someone suggested that I kill their trees and shit in their yard. I am all for that idea, but that wouldn’t solve anything and would lead to future issues with the new neighbors. 

I shouldn’t let something like this irritate me as much as I let it, but after you seen someone spend countless hours fixing and maintaining the yard to its degree and then have someone come in and try to take over, you get kind of annoyed. 
Fix your yard before you try butting in and trying to fix what was originally maintained by us, that’s all I ask.

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