Get Cash Back With Shoppingboss

get cash back with shoppingboss

Disclosure- This is a sponsored post.

Did you know that you can earn cash back for online purchases at national brand stores? If you already shop online, you might want to sign up for cash back options, that way you get a certain percentage back on your total purchase amount, which is an additional savings you could be spending elsewhere.

One of the sites that does this is called Shoppingboss. The one thing that sets them apart from every other cash back site is that they have options to purchase gift cards and earn anywhere from 10-35% cash back. So let’s say you wanted to get someone a gift card for a restaurant like Dominos and you spend $50, and it’s 10% cash back, you will receive $5. The savings might seem small, but every little bit adds up, especially if you’re a frequent online shopper like myself. Not only that, but you can get cash back for movies, concerts, sports and hotel bookings, and can still use coupons, take advantage of sale prices, and pay as you like. How sweet is that!?


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Shoppingboss does have a monthly fee after you check it out for 30 days, but if you’re not satisfied during those 30 days, cancel your membership and you will not be billed. The reason why they charge is because they negotiate great deals with retailers, and then pass 100% of their deals on to their members as cash back. Unlike most free sites that offer 1-3% cash back and make their money by retaining some of their discounts, Shoppingboss’ cash back percentages are often double in comparison to similar sites. No one else offers high percentage cash back on gas and grocery gift cards either, which means more cash back earning potential for you!

If I am able to save more than what other websites offer, than I have no problem in paying a monthly fee for the additional savings and higher percentage cash back offers. is offering an extra special deal. You will receive 30 days FREE, then only $5.99/mo (REG. $9.99) with promo code FREECASH5. Cancel anytime, 30 day probation period of $500 limit on gift card purchases. After 30 days, $3000 limit of gift card purchases per quarter. They also offer a $5.00 refer a friend program, too!

What do you think? Does shoppingboss sound like something you would want to pay for, or would you rather stick with the free cash back sites that offer a lower cash back percentage?

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32 comments on “Get Cash Back With Shoppingboss

  1. If you can get cash back on any item you purchase it is a good thing and a great way to be a good steward over your resources.

  2. I’ve always wondered about the cost versus benefit of sites like this. Although, you are right, every little bit helps! I need to look into this since most of my shopping is done online. – Katy
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  3. This is really interesting. When you hear cash back rewards from companies, a lot of people really don’t feel it’s worth taking advantage of, but it truly can be, especially when the results come in!

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