Sorry to hear your baby may be allergic to you

So I went and got my labs drawn last week so I could get all that mumbo jumbo testing out of the way and discovered I have my moms negative blood, which means I get a giant needle shoved in my butt cheek. Awesome!! That is, unless my husband has negative blood too, but he has no idea what blood type and I’m hoping he finds his records before 28 weeks comes up, cause I’d like to avoid that big ass needle as much as possible!



My negative blood won’t affect this baby I am carrying now but it will attack a second child if there were to be one.

On Tuesday, went and did my usual 4 week check up and basically she just checked the heart beat, said it was 150 bpm and told me she’s ordering my gender scan and someone will call me to set that date up. Um I sure hope I can get in asap, I am dying to know now!!!

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