Free Preview HBO & CINEMAX-June 25-28

If you don’t have movie channels, now’s the time to catch up on shows like Trueblood, Entourage and Hung this Sunday!

HBO® and Cinemax® FREE PREVIEW

Catch the HBO® and Cinemax® FREE PREVIEW June 25 – 28 and see the season premieres of Entourage® and Hung(sm) on Sunday, June 27 on HBO. Get ready to drop the hammer for an exhilarating seventh season of Entourage, the hit HBO comedy series about a young Hollywood star and the three buddies he’s brought with him from their hometown in Queens, NY. At first glance, Ray Drecker seems like an ordinary divorced dad who is struggling to make ends meet. But Ray’s got one extraordinary, God-given gift that sets him apart–call it his “winning tool.” HBO presents the Season Two premiere of this hit comedy series that revolves around Ray’s unorthodox efforts to generate extra cash by selling this “winning tool” to desperate women.
Tune in June 25th – 28th on channels 400 – 431 for SD or 901 – 931 for HD.

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Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? FTD brings you your best-selling selection of flowers, plants and gift baskets that are sure to bring a smile to that special mom’s face. Delight her this year with a fresh and beautiful gift delivered right to her door on May 9th.

Personal Creations specializes in personalized gifts for special occasions and holidays. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this is perfect to get her that special creation without having to spend a fortune!

Personalization Mall is another website that offers unique and personalized gifts for Mom and Grandma. Guaranteed delivery. Shipping Cut-off for Orders: 5/5/10 to make it for 5-9.

Take a peek around, there are plenty of cute and inexpensive items that your grandma or mom will surely love. I’ve got my eye set on this for only $9.95

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Getting to Know Me, You, All!

Check it out every Sunday for the questions to participate!

1. What color do you wear the most?
black, since it goes with everything usually.

2. Would you rather have $10,000 dollars or a dream vacation?
$10,000 – because I could spend money on a vacation and still have quite a bit left over.

3. Do you have a weird, quirky or unusual habit?
I don’t think it’s entirely weird as I’m used to doing it, but whenever I’m sitting, in a car, at the dinner table — I always have to sit on one of my hands. Don’t ask me why either, cause I don’t know. lol

4. I really need to start……….?
Making some more moola for my spending habits!

5. What was the first blog you ever read?
I can’t remember the very first blog. But, as I’ve started 6 months ago — I would read At Home Earning often.

6. Do you collect anything?
I used to collect anything Care Bear. I’ve stopped my obsession though, as I have a couple boxes full of Care Bears in the garage, that I can save for a future kid.

7. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
My first real kiss was at 18.

8. Do you text/twitter while driving?
I hate people that text or chat on their phone while driving and don’t pay attention to the road. Your phone is not that important to cause an accident. Douchebaggery!

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