When Was the Last Time You Said, “I Love You?”

Since it’s February, this months blurbs for the National Blog Posting Month (#NaBloPoMo) are “love/relationship/valentine” oriented. If you’d like to follow along on your own blog, go check out the button on my sidebar which links to the daily posts.

Today’s Question is: When’s the Last Time You Said I Love You?

The last time I said I love you was last night just shortly before my husband and I passed out for bed. I always say it then, because you never know if they’ll be around in the morning to hear you say it again.

I’ll often say I love you when he gets home from work to leave to the gym as well. I feel like I need to express my love to him as much as I can so he knows just how much he means to me. I think it’s always nice to hear those three little words, especially when it holds a special meaning from a special someone.

Often times, people of young age, (including me when I was a young grasshoppa) get caught up in the thought of love that they completely disregard that it could be full on lust and end up abusing those words. Not just youngins though, silver tongue foxes who are incapable of loving (in that moment) because they’re entire thought process is to manipulate you, so they’ll throw out those words knowing very well that the person they’re trying to “get” something from will fall for their sly ways.

Learn the true meaning of love.

Don’t force it. Don’t fake it. Learn how to embrace it!

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