If You Could Get Rid of One Worry, What Would it Be?

If you could permanently get rid of one worry, what would it be?


The unknown of childbirth for first-time moms. More specifically, the not knowing how much pain you’ll endure before, during and after delivery or if you’ll need an episiotomy (this is where they cut your vagina so babies head can get thru, HELL NO!). Thanks Eve for eating that damn apple!

Thanks Eve for eating that damn apple!


No matter how many birthing videos I watch or stories I read, I am still worried, no, I am FRIGHTENED! I know once it’s over and I see my baby, the worries will be over and I’ll eventually be crazy enough to do it all over again. Maybe. Hell, if my sister can handle 2 natural births, one with Pitocin induction, then I should be able to right?

Since there’s a new library about a mile from my house, I think I am going there to get a card and check out a crap ton of what to expect books. Hopefully, those will help put my mind at ease.

If you’ve had a child, how was it for you?


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