Top 5 technical innovations that will change medicine forever

Medicine has changed a lot in last fifty years and that is mostly because of introduction of modern technology and various electronic devices. From the first time when electronic medical equipment was used up to this day, these instruments represented an unavoidable part of every procedure. As such, it was only expected that they would improve and increase in number, allowing us to treat more conditions with greater efficiency. Today, different disciplines are involved in creation of this medical equipment such as mechanical engineering, electronics, informatics science etc. All of them impact the final product, giving us high tech, sophisticated device which can work with great efficiency. In future, most of the diseases and conditions will be treated by using them instead of your regular medication. In that regard, various technological devices and technological companies might even substitute pharmaceutical industry as main provider or medical solutions and treatments.

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  1. Electronic aspirin

Implants are not a new idea. In fact, they existed for a while but only recently has the science improved enough in order to use them efficiently on everyday basis. In terms of medical science, these implants can have various roles. In this particular case, implant is put into the upper gum. Whenever our head hurts (associated with the work of sphenopalatine ganglion), patient presses the cheek and the signal blocking ganglion is send to our brain.

electronic apsirin

  1. Epilepsy stopping implant

This implant has similar role to the previous one. Most of the processes that happen in our body are directly connected to our brain. It is the center of our body that registers most of the sensations such as pain. When certain thing happens in our organism, it first starts from the brain. As the main organ, it sends impulses which order the body to perform certain actions. When we experience seizure, implant in our brain inhibits the nerves in our brain and by doing so, stops the seizure from continuing.

  1. Brain transplant

Most of the medical equipment starts from an idea. People creating these devices and procedures are usually optimists and dreamers. However, in some of the cases, we are able to follow up with our plans and create incredible treatments and solutions. Similar goes for brain transplant. Something that was until recently regarded as sci-fi might even prove to be viable. Results still remain to be seen.

  1. Neuron cells created from urine

As strange as this sound, scientists have found a way to create temporary bones.  Whenever we break a bone, doctors scan our body. Based on that, artificial model is made and inserted in the place of the broken bone. As the bone heals, this artificial part starts dissolving and in time, it vanishes. They are mostly made out of organic substances such as zinc or calcium making them easy to process within the organism.

  1. Brain repair device

Tongue is an organ that is directly connected to brain by various nerves. By stimulating tongue, we are able to stimulate certain parts of our brain as well. New device enables us to connect tongue with our brain allowing us to repair any brain damage or trauma.

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