$50 Giveaway Plus a Free App That Pays You Money; You Can’t Go Wrong!

Sound too good to be true? Think again!

I have partnered up with Qmee to give you a chance to win $50 just for doing a few simple things!

paypal giveaway

Here’s a little more about the Qmee app so you can decide if you want to start getting some extra cash in your pocket, with the possibility of jump starting your rewards collection with 50 bucks!

In today’s economy, an extra buck can go a long way. From a trip to the local coffee shop, or a new lip gloss, simple, daily purchases are part of our lives and can quickly add up. Why not why not add a little to your piggy bank to help with everyday expenses.


Qmee is a free search-loyalty, cash-reward browser app installed easily into any major browser that rewards you with actual cash micropayments, for clicking on results you otherwise would click for no reward. Essentially anytime you do a search using a browser such as Google or Yahoo, if Qmee has relevant results to your search, the app pulls up these results and they will appear on your screen in addition to the results you would normally see.

Each click on a Qmee search result that matches what you’re looking for will earn you between 4 and 14 cents typically and the payments are made in actual currency to your PayPal account. A typical user will collect about $5 per month. That’s $60 of free money per year just for doing what you usually do!

We all know how a little extra change here and there can add up, and why not take what’s yours if you’re going to be searching anyway? In addition to the cash you collect through searching, Qmee will reward you with $1 in your piggybank for every referral you send when that person becomes a Qmee user.







To learn more, watch this video on Qmee, or visit www.qmee.com to try it for yourself.

Ready for some free cash? Don’t forget to complete the following steps – we’ll choose a random winner Friday, March 27th and Qmee will send the $50 prize directly through PayPal! We’ll announce the winner both on @FreebieXAddict and @Qmee so look out for it!!

$50 PayPal Cash on Qmee Giveaway!

Good luck!

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8 comments on “$50 Giveaway Plus a Free App That Pays You Money; You Can’t Go Wrong!

  1. Been a while since I’ve gotten something for myself & this would give me that chance since funds around the house are back to normal, I don’t feel guilty splurging a little on ME!!! =)

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  3. This is awesome!!! I’m excited about this.. I already earned 8 cents. I can see how it could add up over time. If I won the paypal cash I would put it toward Spring clothes for myself. I already bought the kids stuff.. but I haven’t bought myself anything yet.

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