Dead Space on PC FREE From Origin!

If you don’t currently own Dead Space and have a gaming PC setup, then I suggest taking advantage of this free on the house offer from Origin. If you’ve never heard of origin, it’s kind of similar to Steam. You download their software and log into your account and you’re able to play the games you download from them. This game will be free until May 8th and may disappear sooner if Origin feels that there have been too many downloads. You may never know, so download it now and think later!


I never fully played through Dead Space yet because it’s one of those eery games where it’s dark, music is creepy, and little alien creatures come out of no where to attack you. In fact, I couldn’t get past the first stage because it was so freaky! Take into consideration that I am a big wuss. I can’t even play Bioshock for long periods of time.

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