Summer Weather in Spring!

Unfortunately, my doctors appointment was canceled yesterday so I have to wait another week to see what, if anything, is wrong with my reproductive system.  Apparently the nice weather made the doctor take an impromptu rest of the week off. I should switch doctors just for the hell of it, maybe that’ll teach her!

Since I didn’t have my doctors appointment yesterday, I decided to take my nieces downtown to the park which has a water area for the kids to play in since it hit 85 degrees. That is hot for April around here!

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And it’s even a couple degrees hotter today, so we decided to put our AC unit in downstairs since summer will be here in no time anyways, and I’d rather not sit in the 80 degree house and sweat like a mad woman.

Sad thing is, the rain is coming back this weekend.


Bring on Summer… and stop teasing us weather gods!

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One comment on “Summer Weather in Spring!

  1. It was WAY to damn hot in my opinion, it was like August temperature.
    No. It was uncomfortable. And that was the day Debbie and I decided to walk the waterfront, on the way back it was just getting way too warm and uncomfortable
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