EdenFantasys Modernista Dress & Emerald Corset Review

EdenFantasys asked me if I’d like to review a couple of items, so of course I said yes and decided to go with the Satin and lace corset with hook and eye closure in emerald green and the modernista dress.

I chose the corset in size XL this time, because the 1x/2x that I had was too big, plus I lost weight since then so it definitely wouldn’t have still fit if I didn’t return it. The back has ribbon detailing for tightening and I was at max already, so the XL fit perfectly. As you can see, it’s a very pretty, eye-catching green color made out of polyester which would be perfect for St. Patty’s day coming up.

It is a fully plastic boned corset, which features a black satin sash that ties around the front. The back ribbon also ties behind the back and in fact comes with too much satin material. I was tempted to cut it, but I didn’t want to deal with fraying down the road. It is hard to put on by yourself since tightening is difficult, so I suggest waiting until your significant other or friend/family member can help you. I tried putting it on over my head and almost sprained my shoulder. LOL It was not fun.

It comes in sizes S, M, L, XL, 1x/2x, and 3x/4x. So big enough to accommodate almost anyone.

Next up is the modernista dress. I knew this one was going to be made out of elastic material since I read the previous reviews on the website, but I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to get it on. OMG, I felt like a stuffed burrito. XL was the biggest size they had and since it’s my normal size, I figured it would be no problem. I’m almost thinking I need a 1x/2x in this since it’s super tight material in order to be fully comfortable in it. As you can see, it has see through mesh material throughout so it’s not for the modest. You can easily not wear a bra with it since it will hold everything in place with how close fitting and tight it is against your body. I intended on wearing a bra with it since I wasn’t going to take a chance for a nip slip out on the town.

It might not be for those who are expecting to hide problem areas, as it will make them more profound. I didn’t like how it made my hips look since I have a bit of chub on them that I am still working on losing. But if you’re comfortable with your body, then you may not have a problem with the dress.

The back zips up with a metal zipper. I wished they would have made it black so it didn’t stand out and scream CHEAP but what can I do? I was almost contemplating on coloring it with a black sharpee marker, but I figured that would be way too time consuming.

I brought it with me to Vegas, but I didn’t actually wear it because I didn’t realize how cold it is in February there. Of course the following day after we leave it reaches the 70s. PFFT!

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