The TV Show I Wished Never Ended…

There are so many TV shows that I wished had never stopped being created, but sometimes you just have to end a good thing. Actors become older/change and then their part just doesn’t particularly work anymore. One of those happens to be 90210. Now, I am not talking about the new one that they decided to throw in to modern day TV; I am talking about the 90s baby! I would always make sure I had the television reserved at that time, and when my step dad wouldn’t allow me to watch it because something lame like Star Trek or Babylon 5 was on, I got royally pissed.

 Obviously watching spoiled, rich bitches was more important than space aliens. At least at that time it was. My husband got me into watching Battlestar Gallactica (the 2004 series) and I actually enjoyed it. It had a little bit of action, drama, mystery and spicy romance going on between pilots. I am really sad that it had to come to an end too. I feel like they could have progressed the story more and keep it going, but they chose to leave it off with a weak ending. I am not going to say what, for those that are interested in watching it and haven’t yet, but just know I was thoroughly disappointed in it. Now, I am not a writer or director and don’t have an ounce of creativity in my body to produce a kick ass show such as that one; it was awesome!

I could probably name off a million more shows that I wished never ended, but I will leave it at that.

What show did you cry over when it no longer aired?

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